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Software Development Training In Palakkad District.

Visual Studio 2019 Update Boosts Debugging, C++, More..

 harikrishnan    No Comments

Microsoft released Visual Studio 2019 version 16.1 Preview 2, with improvements to debugging, C++ development, extensibility, NuGet functionality and more. C++ developers get several enhancements, including: The Tools menu can now be used to enable C++ IntelliCode, which is now included out-of-the box and features improved accuracy and

The Google Play Store is ready to host Android system updates

 admin    No Comments

Although some Android device manufacturers have made an effort to keep up with the race for Android updates, fragmentation is still a big problem for Google today. But, apparently, the Big G has a solution called the Google Play Store. Although Google has stopped publishing official statistics on

Managing Production and Development Settings in ASP.NET Core.

 harikrishnan    No Comments

The reality is that you will need to have, at least, two different configurations: one for production and one for development. Here’s how to automate those conversions. The reality is that our applications need to be configured differently for our development, staging and production environments. As an example,

Unity at GDC: You’re invited

 admin    No Comments

**UPDATE: Registration is now open for sessions at Unity Central! Sessions are all free but space is limited** GDC (Game Developers Conference) is viewed by many as the main event for the world’s developers and creators. Over 25,000 people from around the world descend upon San Francisco to

Android Messages is now getting Allo-style Google Assistant integration

 admin    1 Comment

One of Allo’s best features is making its way to Android Messages as Google consolidates its messaging strategy. Allo is going away early next month, but Google is looking to preserve some of its core features. At Mobile World Congress the search giant announced that its RCS-enabled messaging
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